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What Sets Our Baseball Training Apart?

What Sets Our Training Apart?

The Concept of Motor Learning…

The “Bernstein Principles”- Nikolai Bernstein was a Russian neurophysiologist in charge of training for all the Soviet Olympic athletes from 1950-1980.  He was one of the founding fathers of a scientific discipline now known as “Motor Learning”.

Mr. Bernstein contributed two significant axioms to the field of motor learning, both of which we apply daily:

Bernstein Principle #1:

“The body will organize itself in accordance with the overall goal of the activity.”

The human body is smart but we don’t learn motor skills (like pitching or hitting) from verbal cues like “Get your elbow up,” or “Your arm is dragging.”

If given the overall GOAL and OBJECTIVE feedback, most athletes will figure out the most efficient and effective way to perform the task. They learn through feel and repetition, not through words.  We believe coaches and teachers need to talk (or shout) less.

At Spectrum Sports Academy, we try to provide only as much verbal and cognitive input as necessary. We allow our drills to do the teaching.  Our athletes learn through guided discovery and kinesthetic feel. Learn More [/note]

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