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 Von Lewis, Sports Performance Trainer

 Tyler Perdue, Sports Performance Trainer

Tyler Perdue graduated from local Hidden Valley High School in 2008. He has been involved with sports all of his life and played football, baseball, wrestler and has also competed in kickboxing, mixed martial arts and grappling events as well. He has worked with athletes of every age, gender, and sport at every level from top to bottom. Tyler tirelessly works at improving his knowledge and application in the sports performance industry by studying, traveling to learn, and connecting with many top names in the business to be able to have the latest and most cutting edge knowledge to help athletes of all skill levels improve and be the best they can be with training that has been proven to be highly successful.

Tyler is also the owner of Tri City Fitness and Performance.
Certifications – Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS), NASM CPT, NASM PES.

 Adrian Rangel, Sports Performance Trainer

Adrian has been coaching since November of 2015. Adrian was a former Northwood high school athlete whose passion grew for coaching after graduation. Adrian later attended Radford University where he obtained his B.S. in Exercise Sports and Health Education with a concentration in Sports Medicine. To further his education he later attended Jefferson College of Health Sciences and now is currently a licensed physical therapist assistant at Interim Health Care. Adrian plans to use his educational background and knowledge to help athletes of all ages reach their goals and aid in injury prevention.