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2021 Spectrum Adult Basketball League

Online Schedule and Standings

Facility Rules:

1)  Per CDC Guidelines, IF you are fully vaccinated you do NOT have to wear a mask.  Please be considerate of others.
2) NO SPECTATORS are allowed. NO Exceptions. The only people allowed in the facility during league games are players, coaches and staff.
3) Games are played on the Front 3 Courts. No one is allowed in any other part of the gym.

Game Rules:
1) VHSL Basketball rules are in affect. The only exception is NO DUNKING. Dunks will result in a Technical Foul. 

2) Two twenty min half clock will stop with two min left in second half (If a team is up 15 with less than two minutes the clock will continue to run).
3) You will be allowed two paying technical (decided by me and official).
    1st – Warning
    2nd – Ejection from League for the rest of the Season.
4) One time out per half. Plus 1 for OT.
5) Must play in 3 of regular season games to be eligible for play off it will be your responsibility to check in each game. Once you have played for one team you can’t switch teams.
6) You can start with 4 players on the court first game of the night has a 5 minute grace period.